Moving to Minnesota with the Anderson Team

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”
John Wooden

Real estate relocation is one of those industries where if details are done correctly, the enjoyment of the process is significantly enhanced.


Let’s talk about some of the details involved in relocation and how we are able to help make a difference.

How We Work With Relocation Companies Nationwide

• Relocation companies have demanding requirements. We work with all relocation companies to ensure that they receive reports and documentation so that your financial contribution from them is timely when needed.
• Provide the transferee with community information, drive times to work, school information, neighborhood features and amnenities in order for them to choose the relevant areas for home searching.
• We’re available early morning or late at night for discussions and couseling because the difference in time zones and in the midst of negotiations.
• Research important special considerations for the transfee and a family member…an example would be special area services or special school requirements.
• Since you are not based here and neither is the relocation company we are your eyes and ears and your representative on the ground. An example would be attending the inspection on your behalf.
• Assist in finding short-term housing for a transferee and family, if necessary.
• We can recommend area events for some downtime fun while on the intense house hunting visit.
• We have knowledge of the area real estate market and the requirements needed for greater success in securing favorable purchase terms and preseting the winning offer in a multiple-offer situation.
• Once an offer is accepted, we coordinate title work, interface with your lender, monitor the sellers inspection requirements which need to be addressed prior to closing, schedule closing, assist to secure a proper power of attorney or handle the closing on your behalf if you are not in attendence and, make sure we have a smooth and uneventful closing.
• It doesn’t end at closing…many transferees want work and improvements done to the home afterwards and we have a long list of contractors we have found who do exceptional work at fair and reasonable prices.
• We continue to be your resource after the closing and are only a telephone call away to provide assistance.