Highest rated places to live in Minnesota

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Highest rated places to live in Minnesota

Highest rated places to live in Minnesota


So many have opinions on this but here is what I found.


The website touropia https://www.touropia.com/best-cities-in-minnesota-to-live-and-visit/ rated the top 12 best cities in Minnesota to live and visit. Here are their winners.

  1. Eden Prairie
  2. Edina
  3. Rochester
  4. Minneapolis
  5. Plymouth
  6. Paul
  7. Mankato
  8. Chanhassen
  9. Cloud
  10. Maple Grove
  11. Woodbury
  12. Minnetonka


The nationally known Niche rated the best places to live in Minnesota https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/search/best-places-to-live/s/minnesota/. This list included some neighborhoods. Here are those.


  1. Macalester-Groveland in St. Paul
  2. Anthony Park in St. Paul
  3. Falcon Heights
  4. Eden Prairie
  5. Summit Hill in St. Paul
  6. Lauderdale
  7. Union Park in St. Paul
  8. Highland Park in St. Paul
  9. Edina
  10. Comp Park in St. Paul
  11. Shoreview
  12. Hamline-Midway in St. Paul
  13. Fulton in Minneapolis
  14. Linden Hills in Minneapolis
  15. King Field in Minneapolis
  16. Plymouth
  17. Mendota Heights
  18. Chanhassen
  19. Downtown St. Paul
  20. Page in Minneapolis
  21. Shorewood
  22. Lynhurst in Minneapolis
  23. Lowry Hill in Minneapolis
  24. Summit-University in St. Paul
  25. Regina in Minneapolis


Minnesota has so much to offer with over 10,000 lakes, clean air and water, great schools, low crime, high quality of living, year-round activities, great for families, affordable housing, highly rated for opportunities for women and single moms and lowest unemployment in the nation.


Just call, text or email of you want additional information on areas or activities in Minnesota.



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