Homes for Heroes

Homes for Heroes

Homes for Heroes – We are affiliated with Minneapolis,

Saint Paul and the surrounding areas.


Who qualifies for this wonderful program?

• Firefighters
• Law Enforcement
• Military members – this includes active, reserves & veterans
• Healthcare workers
• Teachers

What benefit does the hero receive?

• They receive a benefit of .07% of the sales price in cash back after closing. As an example $300,000 sales price is $300,000 x .07 = $2,100. The savings on the list side is .25% of the listing agents commission.
• In addition some lenders and title companies offer Homes for Heroes discounts.

Who is able to provide these benefits?

• Only affiliates who qualify and pay to be a part of the program, and who feel strongly that this “gift back” is an important way to show our appreciation.

Why did Jeff Anderson want to be part of this program?

• Jeff’s nephew is an active duty Marine corporal.
• Jeff’s parents, sister and bother-in-law are all teachers and he understands how important their job is to our children.
• Jeff’s father was in the reserves and while his father was called up Jeff experienced the relocation and family hardships that are involved.
• Jeff has been involved with the start of Tee It Up for the Troops charity that was started 12 years ago to help our military and their families and continues to be fully engaged with that wonderful charity and sits on the board of directors. has raised over 9 millions dollars to help those that have given so much and asked for so little.• Jeff helped start the St Judes Hospital local fund raising event “The Fall Festival of Hope” which raises money for medical research to help cure castastrophic diseases for children. He continues to be the co-chair with team member Ken Phad. He understands how important those in the health care industry are and what a difference they make for our children and our well being.
• Jeff believes that those who on a daily basis put their lives on the line in the act of law enforcement and firefighting are responsible for sustaining our fabric of life and keeping us safe here at home.

How often does Jeff work with these heroes?

• Jeff has helped nearly 50 heroes with this program and is committed to helping these deserving Americans.

How do we get started?

• You can visit 
• You can call Jeff at 612-386-8600
• Or you can fill out the form below and Jeff will contact you