What makes Minnesota great

what makes minnesota great

What makes Minnesota great

As a long-time resident of Minnesota, I appreciate what we have here. In fact, we are the best place in the nation in many categories. Let me share with you a few facts.

Minnesota is a great place to raise a family

Highest ACT scores in the nation. See my blog at www.mnschools.com for more information. Our schools are rated as some of the finest in the nation. As an example, U.S. News & World report says Minnesota has 58 of America‚Äôs Best High Schools in 2018. And U.S. News rates Minnesota as having the 3rd best place to live in the nation. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/minnesota .

has an amazing quality of life

USA Today listed Minnesota a number one healthiest state in the nation. This reflects our clean air, clean water, and best hospitals in the nation. Also, we have the lowest heart-related deaths of any state in America.

is the land of opportunity

First, we have the highest employment rate in the nation for young people. Secondly, we have the headquarters of 19 Fortune 500 companies. Lastly, we feature a 2.2% unemployment rate.

is the best place for moms and kids

Forbes ranked Minnesota number one in the nation for working moms. Because of safety, health care, and number of pediatricians. Add to that pay rate for women. And last but not least, our great education.

is the most relaxing place to live

The Twin Cities was ranked the most relaxing city to live by Forbes. Included in this was stress, low unemployment and shorter commute times. Also, majority of people exercise and great health care. Lastly, so many visit lakes, fish and hunt in the great outdoors.


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