Why Minnesota is the best state in America

Why Minnesota is the best state in America

Why Minnesota is the best state in America

Why Minnesota is the best state in America

why Minnesota is the best state in america top 10 reasons


First, Our license plates say we have 10,000. Rather that is us just being modest. Here we have 11,000 lakes and 90,000 miles of shoreline. In contrast, that’s  more than the shoreline of Hawaii, California and Florida combined! So water ski, swim, canoe, boat, sail or ice skate just a short distance from anywhere in Minnesota


Second, What is unemployment? Honestly we really don’t know what that is here. At 2.2% it is pretty darn easy to find a job. It happens to have 19 Fortune 500 companies. Also, we also have the largest privately owned company in the Nation. So much opportunity to succeed there.


Thirdly, we are known to be the most hipster state in the Nation. With our great music scene, strong bike culture, great restaurants and an abundance of coffee shops. Here we set our own trends.


Fourth, “Minnesota Nice” is for real. In other words, people smile at you’re here. And warmly welcome you. When served it is friendly and genuine. Sound “Nice” to you?


Fifth, we are the healthiest place to live in the nation.  This reflects the quality of our life style. Our first class health care. And our clean air and water.


Sixth, we have great education. Whether it is nationally recognized public education system. Or our amazing colleges and universities. We are a nation leader in Education.


Seventh, as a rule we like to have fun. We play more golf on average than a resident of Arizona. And we are active all year round with activities. As an example is all our water related activities. But we are also avid hunters and fishermen.


Eight, is our four season. Every season features its own beauty here in Minnesota. Nearly everyone here loves the metamorphosis of change and the energy of the seasons. Each and every season brings activities and fun.


Ninth, we do it right here. We have the biggest Mall in America. And we created skyways and Malls and whatever we need to in order to be active.


Tenth, the home of hockey. As football is to Texas, hockey is to Minnesota. And add to that we have a representative of all the major professional sports. And that is Why Minnesota is the best state in America.


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The author is Jeff Anderson. Jeff has been a leader in Minnesota real estate for over 30 years. And an advocate for making people aware of the quality of life here in the great state of Minnesota.

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