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Success in selling your home involves careful planning, thoughtful execution, comprehensive exposure, effective negotiation, attention to details and regular supervision of the process.

Here is a brief summary of the process that the Anderson Team provides in order to accomplish all those important objectives.

The home visit – at this time we discuss many aspects that are critical to the process. We listen to your needs and timeline, determine how to stage your home for best buyer appeal, calculate if any improvements are needed and what is cost effective to do, discuss our marketing approach, and lastly look at comparable homes which have sold, those in pending status and those for sale to calculate what is the maximum price we can sell your home for while still being competitive and avoiding appraisal issues.

Next, we work together to determine the best timeline for completion of all our preparations. Once we are a week away from putting your home on the market, the marketing preparation begins. We compile all of our marketing materials so that we are fully exposed the day it goes live in the MLS. This is just one of the areas where our team shines…this period involves a professional photographer, creating an industry-leading video to showcase your home, creating a website for your home, creating beautiful brochure and having it professionally printed, preparing all the social media, Facebook ads, email campaigns, adword campaigns and inclusion in my effective outlets like youtube and Craigslist, to just name a couple. We also have other marketing approaches for every home and will share all of that with you in our decisions. The solar lit for sale sign is ordered, and we are getting close to the launch date.

The day your home is listed we are then casting a wide marketing net to capture buyers and create interest. We find interest breeds interests and the more interest we have the better the sales price. Next is offer negotiation…with over 30 years of experience in this, we will cover all the details to protect your interests. In addition, all pre approvals are reviewed with the lenders before those offers are presented to insure strength of buyer and buyers ability to perform. The buyers inspection is another negotiation process, and many times our inventory of reasonable and quality contractors can save the day.
Next is a combination of events…we monitor the appraisal, continually check in with the buyers lender for updates, and work with both seller and buyers title companies. As we approach closing we secure the full commitment form the buyer’s lender so that we are clear to close, set the closing time and prepare for the big day Closing…this should be enjoyful and smooth with smiles all around.


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This is, of course, a simplification of the process and much more is done and that will be shared upon our face-to-face meeting.We look forward to that day!


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