We Work Side-by-Side With Relocation Companies

We Work Side-by-Side with Relocation Companies

Relocation to Minneapolis, Saint Paul and surrounding surburbs in Minnesota can be an exersize in crisis management. We have been doing relocation for individuals and coporation transfers for over 30 years. Our experience helps to eliminate any potential crisis of the relocation process, since we dedicate our resources to help manage the critical timelines that are involved.

We work with all relocation companies and in addition to their portion of the real estate commission they demand to help fund the process, they also need to have their paperwork, regular reporting, hand holding and coordination done in a quick and professional manner. Why is this important? Any delay in handling those requirements will delay the financial support they provide and slow down our ablility to find you a home and get it under contract. In our Twin Cities market, the timeliness of an offer and acceptance is of the utmost importance.

Once we are under contract the coordination doesn’t end…it simply enters another stage. We then assist in overseeing the relocation company’s required inspections, financing, title work and closing. Since the relocation companies are not based here in Minnesota, they rely on us to be their eyes and ears for all aspects of the transaction. In many instances a power of attorney is needed for a principal in the buying process and we assist in all the special considerations which a relocation requires.


Our team takes pride in making this potentially stressful process as smooth and manageable as possible. We are here for you!