Best Rated Airport in North America

Best rated airport north america

Best Rated Airport in North America

We have the best rated airport in North America.

J.D. Powers 2022 North America Airport Satisfaction study was recently released. Our flying volume is 94 percent of pre-pandemic numbers. Travelers have fewer flights, more crowded terminals and more limited food and beverage options. So how does Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport compare?

Based on greater than 26,500 surveys from US and Canadian residents who traveled through US airports. The study, which is now in its 17th year, looks at airports in three main categories…mega-airports, large airports, and medium airports. Minneapolis/ St. Paul airport is classified as a mega-airport. Satisfaction is determined by looking a terminal facility, airport arrival and departure, baggage claim service, security check timeliness and efficiency, check-in and baggage check and quality of food, beverage, and retail.

The most satisfying mega-airport, with 33 million passengers or more, was our Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport! It ranks highest in customer satisfaction with a score of 800 out of 1,000.

The worst of the mega-airports, and no surprise to me, was Newark Liberty International Airport. Also, near the bottom was Chicago O’Hare International Airport. O’Hare suffers from long taxi times, long times to walk between terminals and poor on time performance.

Just another reason why we love it here in Minnesota!

I hope you found my blog on “We have the best rated airport in North America” helpful. Look for more blogs from me on all aspects of Minnesota and real estate.

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