Minnesota is rated the best state in the nation.

Minnesota best place to live

Minnesota is rated the best state in the nation.


Minnesota is rated the best state in the nation.


Those of you who complain about our winters should know you living in the best state in the nation and the best country in the world.

How can I say that? Let me tell you why…

  • World population review for 2022 by US & World Report defined quality of life for each state in the US. It is measured by comfort, health, and happiness. Quality of life is further measured by material factors, such as income and housing, and health, education, and freedom. Minnesota ranks second best quality of life by this. High life expectancy, low poverty, food security and employment levels were outstanding and great education. Also, high median family income and low levels of separation and divorce. Crime rates are low, the air is clean, and the population is healthy.


  • WallHub rated the best and & worst states to raise a family in 2022. Minnesota was rated 4th in the nation.


  • The Washington Post on December 2nd, 2022 had two economists rate which states have the highest living standards. The top two were Minnesota and Massachusetts!


  • Money magazine rated the best and worst run states in America. Minnesota was rated number one!


  • US News & World Report rated the best states for citizens using more than 70 metrics. Minnesota came in at number two.


  • Best states in America for women. Another analysis by US News & World Report. Minnesota rated number one for women’s economic and social well-being and number two for women’s health and safety for an overall best state for women in the United States.


Add to that we have the lowest unemployment in the nation, the highest rated large airport in North America, and we are referred to as nice!

We can all count our blessed that we live in such a wonderful place!

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