Minnesota is number 1 once again

minnesota is number 1

Minnesota is number 1 once again

Here is we know we are the best nations best secret. Since we are the northern most state in the union excluding Alaska. We are always ranked near the top for healthiest state, best public schools, quality of life, best state for women and the list goes on and on. Which is why it is easy to see that Minnesota is number 1 once again.

Now a new honor

New ranking confirms what we in Minnesota already knew. We are so very generous here. Minnesota is the most charitable state in the US. This is by the personal finance website – WalletHub https://wallethub.com/edu/most-and-least-charitable-states/8555/#main-findings . It ranked 19 traits that included volunteer rate and the percentage of people donating money. After adding the rankings…we were number one!

Our nonprofits in minnesota

The nonprofit sector in Minnesota is booming. The state has the highest number of nonprofit employees in history.  With a total of 385,000 workers. And that is 13.3% of our state’s entire workforce. We have 38,000 registered non-profits in the State of Minnesota. Many of those are very small. But that is an astounding number.

Minnesota is home of 17 of the fortune 500’s largest companies

Many of these companies also have long-standing philanthropic programs. Like the Target company. In addition, we have many philanthropic foundations. This just adds to our climate of giving in Minnesota.

What is an example of one of our charities?

Jeff has been with www.teeitupforthetroops.org from the start. It helps our current military, veterans and their families. It has raised over $10,000,000. During its 15-year existence. Jeff and his fellow Minnesotans work to making our home, our state and country a better place.

We hope you relocate to Minnesota and see why we are the nation’s best kept secret!

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