Update on the Coronavirus in Minnesota

Coronavirus in Minnesota

Update on the Coronavirus in Minnesota

Update on the Coronavirus in Minnesota. The State of Minnesota has the smallest number of coronavirus cases in the Nation per 1,000 population. The Governor, Tim Walz, issued an executive order 20-19 https://mn.gov/governor/news/executiveorders.jsp That we are to be “in shelter until May4th. That includes restaurants, business and schools. This also is in effect for public and private schools and Universities and Colleges. Real estate’s classified as an “essential service” and continues to be active, but much slower than a normal spring season.

How do we deal with this?

Dealing with the Coronavirus in Minnesota. We are staying at home and when we need to go to the grocery store, we use social distancing. That is a six-foot minimum distance from another. We are also allowed to walk our dog, talk ourselves and get outside exercise. We’re encouraged to wear a mask. For education the Governor authorized the Commissioner of Education to implement distance learning. Students without internet access have “internet hot spots” in order to connect to school learning. It is difficult for parents to work from home and must tutor and help their children with online classes. But we take comfort in that we have the best school system in the United States.

Childcare is available

Many parents are elected to keep their children at home. But they can continue to go to childcare while schools are temporarily closed. A link for families and childcare providers for the COVID19 Minnesota response https://mn.gov/childcare/

What about care for children of families working in critical sectors

Also, in the Governor’s executive order school districts are to provide care to the students 12 years old and younger. The link for further information is  https://education.mn.gov/mdeprod/idcplg?IdcService=GET_FILE&dDocName=MDE032187&RevisionSelectionMethod=latestReleased&Rendition=primary

What is next?

It is the opinion that everything will not be back to normal on May 4th. Update on the Coronavirus in Minnesota. The Governor is expected to gradually allow businesses to open with some restrictions. We also expect social distancing will be with us for some time. The consensus is that school will NOT resume on May 4th. School’s are to open next fall for the next school year. While this is unfortunate, it is also something Minnesota can come together and manage. The health and safety of our children is our greatest concern.

We are fortunate that we have a well-run State. Our elected officials responded quickly to the pandemic. We have a budget surplus, and this has allowed us to help those in need. The nation is looking at our “model” response to the pandemic. We are proud of our State and we know you would be happy to call it home.

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